Yellowknife and the geodesic dome bike shop

©TIMB - Yellowknife geodesic dome bike shop

©TIMB – Yellowknife and the geodesic bike shop is central to a recycling ideology that drives the company.

“My neighbour went to jail and left a large pile of left over bicycles. Because he was not able to repair his own bike so he just kept getting more and more bike parts. So when he went to prison, there was a large pile of bicycle parts in his yard. And the new tenant took all the parts and put them on the street. They were going to go to another bike shp and I said, ‘He already has 500 bicycles. And if you take that wheel and put it there and those handlebars and out them here, there is a bicycle.  And out that there and there is a bicycle’. And we carved out half a dozen bicycles. And people said, ‘Oh, you fix bicycles do you? Here, I’ve got some. Oh, you want some donations?’.

At night, people were doing drive-by drop-offs, anonymously.  Before we knew it, the whole yard was filled with bicycles. Literally. And that was the first summer we really got going and then we came up with the idea of making a dome out of bicycle wheels. We did a prototype and it worked.” Read more about the creation of Yellowknife’s Old Town Bike Shop…

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Taking those small steps to a Yellowknife bicycle culture

©TIMB - Bicycle mechanic in Yellowknife working in a geodesic bicycle dome repair shop

©TIMB – Working under the geodesic bicycle dome

“I am an auto mechanic and I can fix cars. Or not. For every car I fix, there is going to be another car on the road. There was a bumper sticker with ‘One Less Car’, and I thought, ‘If I work on bicycles, I am not fixing cars’. For every bicycle I fix, there is one less car on the road.

“That is a fairly potent way to have an impact on my immediate community.” There is a longer piece on this geodesic bike dome posting tomorrow…. Continue reading