This Is My Bike celebrates one year and a bunch of cyclists later


Today is the one year mark for This Is My Bike. The beginning of year two. There have been over 300 cyclists featured on the site. When I began, I was hoping to be able to keep the flow going. One year behind me, I start to see themes and rhythms in the content – and the potential for the second year. Read on for more…  Continue reading

Making bucket list plans for Canada’s ice roads

©TIMB - Rider considering ice road adventures in the Northwest Territories

©TIMB – It was a cool spring day when we discussed the best of winter cycling in northern Canada. Note the life vest … necessary when you paddle to work from your houseboat before the final bike ride.


“The best thing about winter riding is summertime. No, the best is riding on the lake. In winter there is an ice road. But when the ice is too thin for cars, even where there is no road, you can take a bike. It is thick, but hard for cars to get on.

So the entire lake is mine and it is on my bucket list to bike to Hay River. It is 400k on the road. It won’t be so far if you go straight across. Where cars cannot go – that is the best part of winter cycling.” Continue reading

An excitement about cycling that started early and crossed into all her life

©TIMB - Rider with her Raleigh bike in Yellowknife, Northwest Territiroes, Canada

©TIMB – Yellowknife cycling community may be small, but it is committed.

“I ride all year round. I love riding my bike. I grew up in a small town in southern alberta and riding to school all year round from kindergarten. I have just rode my whole life. I moved here eight years ago and it is great during the winter and there is always a place to park at the bike rack in the winter.

“There are about 20 people here who ride all year round. The main thing is having warm gloves. For me the biggest challenge is  keeping my glasses from fogging. You have your face covered and the vapour from your breath goes up onto your glasses and then it freezes. If you can keep that under control.

“Oh, here is Michelle. You should interview her. She lives on a houseboat so she would have paddled and then rode up.” Continue reading

Preparing for the madness that is the Race Across America

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Rider preparing for the Race Across America on hjs Look bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Training to compete in ultra-endurance events has brought this rider 120k just to train on a hill. He will do about 300k today, alone. Most of us do not do that distance in a month.

“I rode out here this morning so I could train on a  hill. I want to compete in the Race Across America but have to qualify first. There is the Fire Weed qualification race in Alberta that I will race.” Continue reading