A little more faith in the weather

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Dutch national riding his bicycle, holding an orange umbrella

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – That slice of orange that displays the nationality.

“You stopping me is kind of strange because I left the house this  morning and I thought this looked kind of funny. I am from the Netherlands and I work in a Dutch building and we have a whole pile of Dutch people working there. But this is not Continue reading

Speed, that is the best

Cyclist with light bike and Russian hat

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Belgium rarely gets super cold, but it does get a nasty nip in the air. The best part is, if you cycle, there is a rarely day that cold, or snow, has to stop the wheels from hitting the pavement.

What is best about being on a bike? “The speed. And with a bike that is so light…”: La meilleur point avec une velo? “La vitesse! Avec une velo si legere…” Continue reading