Stats: By the numbers

A record of the traffic development for the site. Some reflections, some sense of how the site moves ahead.

The first month…. Well, let’s wait and get some numbers first. Still early days. After all, the site only launched on Dec 9, last year.

Statistics are not limited to the blog. The site also relies on Facebook and Instagram as the cornerstones of the site. Twitter is slower to develop. As the blog is highly visual, Instagram is an automatic association. It is nice to post an image and see an immediate response. But that has to be both a large part of social media activity as well as a reassurance for the work done.

If there is any advice learned from the first couple of months, it is the same advice given by countless blog promoters. Do not get obsessed by your stats. Mine went up and up – then down and down – then up again. I looked and look at the stats regularly. Daily. But I try not to let them get to me. After all, if you have ten or 100 page views in a day, the number is still tiny. Any blog can have a momentary success with one person clicking a series of articles. And that same surge disappears the next day.

I looked at search engines regularly, just to be sure the site was in the search results. It was in the third month before the basic phrase This Is My Bike brought a first page return. Oh, I had far more with my name, or searching for a specific phrase and the like. But the plain and simple search was always frustrated by similar blogs. Not the same, just similar.

So, I learned that it takes about three months of steady content to simply break into the search engines and get the returns we all want.

And I would say I was fortunate. I had a steadily developing e-mail subscription list, traffic was happening every day, even if it was irregular. And people were leaving comments, subscribing to the blog, adding their penny of support. At the start of month three, I had 20 subscribers, almost 100 e-mail addresses directly related to the blog, and the first signs of traffic.

The joy of a blog that deals with they public is the serendipity that may come with it. In mid-Feb, just over two months into the blog, I met a journalist who had seen my efforts in her research. That led to an interview just a few days ago – and should be posted in the coming week.

I got home to see the Nunki website had picked up on the images and were using them on their website, with credit.

In just one week, two events that might shape the immediate future of the blog.

I will hold my entry here and wait for the week to run its course, for the articles to be published, and see what effect will come.

While sitting in wait, there has been Twitter. In a simple post from someone with over 1,000 followers, the website spiked hundreds in an hour. It caught me off guard and I went to see. Belgium traffic – the mainstay, I imagine, of the Twitter supporter – was very high. Belgian traffic has always been the highest for the blog. I am not surprised. I want it to be largest in its home. But it has reminded me that Twitter does work if yoiu can find people with a following to support you.

With the spike today, I am already on the way to a record day and week (in the early days, records are commonplace). But if there is this reaction from a  simple tweet from an individual, what is the likely impact of a newspaper site? Curious days.

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