Other cycling voices….

Cycling is huge… and there is no shortage of site by people who care passionately for the sport.

Ernest Gagnon Facebook pageHigh on my list of fave cyclists is Ernest Gagnon. His life story is worth the read. The short version is, he had gained a lot of weight, had the resultant medical conditions and, instead of giving up, took to the bike to get his life back in order. He opted to take on cyclocross racing, one of the harder, most adventurous, racing environments.

And he has thrived in his new life, has become a rallying point for many, and has his own approach to cycling in spandex. He is on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ernestgagnoncyclist


INSTAGRAM has a huge collection of cycling aficionados promoting new bikes, components, racing and just the beauty of the bike. It is an unfair collection, leaving out so many who are posting material that excels. But these are some of my faves.


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