©Barry Sandland logo for This Is My BikeThis Is My Bike is a blog site that features cyclists and their bikes, the everyday riders, that populate our cities. It is primarily Belgian, predominantly from Brussels, but open to riders wherever I encounter them.

The blog site has been slowly developing for about three months now and there is some sort of identity developing. Every day (almost) a new post of someone on a bike. A short story, a sentence, that reflects the exchange, whether it be about the bike, or the person.

These are the riders who pedal their way to work, take commuter trains with their foldable bikes, struggle with their groceries, children or just getting from point A to B in time.

Mostly, the images are posted within  a week, so the riders are on the bikes in the season. No shorts and t-shirts when it is -5c outside.

Now, still under 100 images, the largest presence is with the daily rider, the often unnoticed  backbone of city cycling – the daily commuter. Here in Europe, that means vintage bikes and people wearing their everyday clothes to ride a bike. A serious lack of spandex and lycra.

I have no aversion to the more decorated cyclists and their elite frames. Afterall, I have spandex and lycra in my closet and enjoy clip-on shoes and the delight of a hard training ride. They will likely appear with more frequency as I travel further afield.

Regardless, I do like photographing the invisible riders.

This Is My Bike is probably a natural event for me. I have been riding a bike for decades, enjoy just about any opportunity to get in some kilometres, have raced, toured, done distance rides and take the bike to the supermarket just about every week. In short, I use my bike.

I ride it as transport, as a mental cleanse, as a necessary part of personal fitness, as a tool to explore, a means to escape.

Oh.. I am Barry Sandland. I live in Belgium but have ridden bikes in quite  a few countries, at one time racing, but now a sportif touring rider. A bit of speed has to be there, some suffering, to make a ride better.

And I have been on the bike now for decades. It seems the only consistent part of my life.

It might be genetic. My father was an avid touring cyclist and thought riding a bike was an essential every day act. It has stood me in good stead over the years.

This Is My Bike hopes to present a wide range of cycling, cyclists and their bikes. From vintage to carbon fibre, the disciplined randonneur to the daily commuter.

There will be more. As the site develops, it may serve as a way to promote other issues in cycling, events and news that may be of interest.

Personally, part of the pleasure is the photography challenge. Candid photography takes a specific talent that I want to develop, want to gain some skill. The idea of being in random situations, and making something decent enough to use, is intriguing.

I am not averse to self-portraits. There are occasional entries that refer to me, my life. It seems only fair in that I ask others to share with me. Hopefully, my presence will be occasional.


There is an associated Facebook page at

And then INSTAGRAM, where we are posting all the profiles. Look for @thisismybike
There is a link on the right hand column with the latest images, or you can click here… http://websta.me/n/thisismybike

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