Dry weather gloves and Rule 9: Be a badass

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Kitchen mitts doubling as cold weather gloves on the bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – These work – they really do. Kitchen mitts for cold weather rides.

These are my winter, dry weather, gloves. They actually are heat resistant for the kitchen – but they are so thick, fingers stay warm all ride. But they are dry weather so, given recent forecasts, they are useless. To all the cyclists out there riding in the snow, slush, rain and damned freezing temperatures (anyone in the Southern Hemisphere reading this – you are not included), respect.

Weather here in Belgium has been horrid for the past ten days. Cold weather has occupied the skies and I seem to be riding in snow, slush, then cold rain, then cold mist, then just cold. Last night was soaking. Tonight promises snow. Frankly, life on a bike sucks. To any and all who still take their bikes out, be it for just one kilometre or 100, it means you qualify for Velominati Rule 9: [riding] in bad weather means you’re a badass. Period.

I have massive respect for the bike messengers out there. In my squad, every single one of us have been faced with horrendous weather. Nobody came home dry. Nobody was warm. You know what they say.. You are not a bike messenger until you have ridden a winter.

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