Ride, race, and then ride – toughen up, sweetie

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Ghent cargo bike riders and their bicycles ready for the Brussels races

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cargo couriers ride the distance to Brussels

“We rode in from Ghent for the event and then we have the races. I think we will have to ride home, after.”

Notes: Life as a hard-core courier. No team car. No support vehicles. Gent is over 50 kilometres from the race site, so this is a decent day out.

This is old school. There was a day when cyclists often rode to their races. Fewer team cars, even at the club level. Families used to push their kids out the door and tell them to disappear until dinner.

When we were racing in Montreal – decades ago and a few thousand kilometres from home – we were a collection of four who had no car, no rentals. We were too young. Races were sometimes 60 kilometres away and we rode there and back. Oh, and we did the 60 kilometre race. So, that was a decent day out.

And we won, by the way.

Toughen up. Basics of rule 5. Makes riding better. Old school belongs to couriers. `

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