Mobility Week offers even more for cyclists

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Brussels Bike Fair poster promoting the Tour n Taxi event

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A bike fair in Brussels will host a range of cycling events.

Mobility Week is almost here in Brussels and there is a flood of activity to make it worthwhile to be on a bike.

Day Without Cars
The biggest event – let’s get this out of the way immediately – is the Day Without Cars. Sunday, September 17. The entire city becomes  a car-free zone and there is a blend of daily cyclists and once-a-year versions all occupying the streets simultaneously. I think the entire café business in the city makes a fortune on this day. The streets are almost impossible to navigate, there are so many bicyclists out there. It is wonderful.
Across the city, there are focal points. The Bourse; top of Parc Cinquantenaire; at the Palais Justice are three of the locales where there are bike repair points, small stalls, promotions. It is almost worth just riding to each of these. Every bike advocacy group is out there, along with massive free drinks to replenish the riders. It is worth doing the inner ring just to see what is on offer.
Bike Fair
Up and coming as the new event is the Bike Fair at Tour ‘n Taxi. This is the inaugural event for Brussels and should be brilliant. It runs from September 15-18. I have plans to be there twice. Brussels has been in need of this style of event for ages, now.  They have bicycle polo and cargo bike races to show you something different. Go see the bike polo. Insane! Incredibly fast.
Cycle Hack
Anyone with an idea to improve cycling in the city has their chance with the event at the Cyclo location along the canal, near Comte de Flandre.
Bicycle Bourse
Cyclo on Rue de Flandre, is the location for the biggest second-hand bike sale in Brussels. This is a stunner and worth just riding by to see the depth of interest. There are over 100 bikes for sale one the day, but there would be over 200 people queuing to get in the doors and buy one. It is a public awareness issue for Cyclo. People can bring their bikes in for sale and Cyclo gives 100% of the money to the owner. They get awareness. And they get over 100 bikes back on the road woth new owners. Another key event of the day.

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