How safe is your bike space?

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike bat cage crushed by a motor vehicle

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cars versus bike bays…

This is what worries me about using these bike bays. The drivers who careen around corners and simply wipe them out. The careless reverse as they exit their parking spot. I always try and place my bike in the middle frame. Or look for bike bays that are protected by stronger poles that will hurt the car considerably before it gets to my bike. And then, this was almost one month ago and the city still has not repaired the space. Rode there the other night and it was still bent over. Not as if we have these spots everywhere, so losing this makes it far more difficult for cyclists to park their bikes.

Reality is, bike bays are hard to find. In a city that is saturated w cars, making sure bicycles have a place to be safe is an easy way to increase cyclists and decrease the number of cars. But cities are still determined to find more parking for cars. Bike spaces are fewer – and are then ignored after installation.

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