Looking at more than spokes and frames

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike mechanic giving quick advice outside Tandem Café

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Repairs and consultations at Tandem Café

Tandem Cafe closes on September 1: “I have not been a bike mechanic for that long. Just about three years now. Before that, I was working with wood, was a plumber and a sculptor. So working with my hands was natural. So working with my hands fixing bikes was just an evolution. I used to build and sell bikes before and this just grew from that. When this is over I am looking for a position where I can fix bikes but also deal with customers, do education and be part of the entire project., So I am carefully putting my CV out there to places. I am not just looking for a job. I am looking for the right one. It is not so easy to find.”

Notes: With Tandem Cafe closing on September 1, I was chatting with one of their mechanics about his time with the project. I know him from Cyclo stores all over Brussels – he seems to have been a permanent fixture in all three simultaneously. When I got to Tandem and found him there, as well, it was a solid indication they were taking the mechanics part of the café very seriously.

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