August might be the best month to try a Critical Mass ride

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Promotion image for Critical Mass rides in August

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Join the hundreds of other cyclists in your city to advocate for cycling

Critical Mass rides again tonight. As always, the last Friday of the month. But this is August and possibly the best month to participate. At least in Brussels. In the past week, the cars seem to have disappeared. Like body snatchers, just not replaced by sinister clones (never replace sinister with sinister). Brussels has evacuated the city in favour of holidays destinations – and took their cars with them. It is the best time of year for a cyclist in the city. And bicycles are more visible one the streets.

I sat and watched a horde of 15 pedal powered people run the length of Ave Dansaert this morning. Tonight, it will be hundreds. And it will be my first Critical Mass ride in months. All starts at 18:00 at Porte de Namur. Check the internet for the ride near you. It is worldwide mass participation.

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