Treat your foldable it is a different style of bike


“I have been riding since a kid and have always been a mountain bike rider. I suppose I have some skills on the bike that comes from that; stuff  I am not conscious of when riding. But I guess I tend to rider this bike and think of it is a BMX”


Notes: I spotted this rider as I was crossing in front of the palace, bouncing on the cobblestones. We both were nerrgotiating the traffic, he had the lead and gave a quick gesture that he was going to mount the curb and use the sidewalk. I followed. Just 30 metres later, he jumped his bike back onto the road. I followed. He turned his bike downtown and slipped past  bus and I fggound myself 40 metres behind him, chasing him down the hill to the entrance of the train station where we had a chat.

But it was his ease of riding that made me chase him. Foldable riders tend to be sedate (apologies to all the mad foldable riders) and this one was showing some of the scope foldables have hidden.

No surprise to discover he has a mohjn tainbbike past – or that the short-wheeled foldable reminds him of a BMX ride.

It is not the first time. There is a foldable rider I am looking for constantly on the streets. Saw him jumping curbs at a Critical Mass ride. That was the first time I saw riders who I would have expected to be on something better known for its function.

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