Bxl Tour brings thousands to inaugural bike race

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Start of the inaugural 50lm Brussels Cyclo race.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – First riders roll out at the race start.

BXL Tour was on Sunday and over 3,000 cyclists rocked up for the first Brussels 50km bike race. This was no pro peloton event – although the number of carbon fibre bikes and prevalence of spandex, might have left a different impression on many.

This is a family event and likely to try and emulate the mass participation found in the Brussels 20km running race – that has over 50,000 participants now. First off were the elite riders, out for the faster time. And then there were segments of riders, so the roads would not be overwhelmed. And it gave a nice space to the cyclists so they were not overwhelmed by the size of the peloton. But still, when they were lining up for there start, the main group filled the width of the road and snaked back a decent 200m before the end was found. That is a good turn out.
This Is My Bike will be posting a few images over the coming days and a gallery of images.

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