Cyclo Sale: It must be summertime

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - CYCLO mechanic working on a bike available at the bike sale

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – From first ride to seasoned riders, all on sale.

June 17 starting at 13:00 – For those of you in need of a decent bike at a better price, CYCLO, the Brussels-wide cycling cooperative, is having it summer sale at their rue de Flandre location.

Every sale, there are about 100 bikes on offer. Part of me is sad that 100 bikes have been abandoned, cast off from other cyclists – who may no longer be part of the tribe.

But then I hope they have other bikes and are just passing on unused rides.

The bikes are checked by the store mechanics and come with a list of potential issues – if any. Some bikes, the list is long. Others, almost nothing. But it is a heads-up purchase where you know what you are getting.

And, then again, there are a lot of children’s bikes, on offer as the smaller DNA units grow to the next stage.

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