Ride In Peace street art in Paris celebrates, and warns, cyclists

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Art mural of broken bicycle on Paris wall by Rest In Peace

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – One of over 60 mounted bicycles across Paris.

A nice play on words, given the (rest in) pieces that adorn the walls. I found this suddenly, and then started seeing more and more as the bikes zigzagged the city. There are more images on the Ride In Peace, Paris Facebook page. The project began in November 2013 and now numbers some 60 unique wall mounts across the various arrondissements, celebrating the presence of bikes in the city as well as a warning to the hazards faced. It is well worth the city exploration by finding a few addresses and going off in search.
Each one shares the common characteristic of the broken frame and wheel, as  both amputated and involved in a  serious collision. As much as it catches your eye, it reminds you of how violent life on a bicycle can be.
There are over 200 images posted to the @rideinpeace Instagram account, if you are looking for direction.
Frankly, I am jealous that this is only in Paris. It deserves a wider territory for cyclists to enjoy.

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