Commuter bike with the added features to separate it from the mass

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Single speed commuter bike in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Single speed with some small, beautiful, additions.

“I made this one myself. Found the frame and then built it up from that. The frame comes from, maybe, the late eighties or nineties. With the panniers, it is not as fast, but it is fast. I use it to ride in the city and commute, but I have others. But this one is a classic frame and then I made all the changes. You can see with the seat and the single gear. And there is a brake. You cannot ride Brussels, with all the hills here, safely without a brake.”

Notes: There are more and more vintage bike in Europe that are being transformed into something even more than a classic ride. Single speed, or fixie, is the dominant trend. Bout there are some bikes that are going even further, w modern components added to the classic design to give it a new look. This bike, w the flat, wooden fenders and the single speed, repainted in a  constant tone and the bike is understated, but elegant.

Gotta love recycling.

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