Dress the way you want to be off the bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Woman in office dress and red scarf riding through the park on her way to work

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – For another view on cycling and clothing fashion…

“I ride my bike to work all the time and I always dress the same way I would when I get to work. You should not have to change your clothes and dress differently to ride a bike. You should wear the clothes you should feel comfortable in. You should dress so you feel comfortable when you get off the bike.  You should not think you have to dress differently to be on a bike. Whenever I get to the office, there are all these people dressed in all this very specific cycling clothing and I just do not understand why.”

Notes: I swear, I did not instigate this line of comment. I saw this woman, red scarf sweeping about behind her as she went through Parc Royale, and I chased her immediately. As soon as she agreed to let me take her photo, she began to explain her dress, how she wants to be on a bike and then off. It seems so coordinated as a counter-voice with the Rapha piece just two posts previous. All a delightful coincidence.


Read the blog entry: Am I part of Rapha’s appalling 90% of cyclists? I hope so…

I, dressed in my baggy cargo shorts and long-sleeved t-shirt, felt an immediate affinity to her thinking.
Of course, once the conversational line started, I added the reference to Rapha and the idea of having to dress for the bike, that nine out of ten cyclists dress “appallingly”, according to Rapha CEO Simon Bottram. She has no idea what Rapha is.
Personally, if the roads were filled with people on bicycles with the sense of style here, it might be a lot more fun to ride to work.

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