Cyclo is selling out, again

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclo mechanic checking a bike in advance of the Velo Bourse at Cyclo, today.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB -c Cyclo mechanic giving as once-over to one of the many bikes on sale today.

Brace yourself. Cyclo is having their Velo Bourse today. One of three planned for the year and a chance for people to get a decent bike at a more than decent price. People can bring their unwanted bikes to the store where they are checked and brought to standard – and then sold. Here is the brilliant part. The entire sale price goes to the previous owner. Cyclo takes nothing (except any costs of repairs).

It is all part of the collective’s thinking about getting people on bikes – and repurposing older, or unwanted bikes in the process.

Yesterday, they had 70-plus bikes. They opened the doors at 10:00 for last minute contributions and have steady stream of bikes being checked for the sale that starts at 13:00.  At the Rue de Flandre location in downtown Brussels.

Usually, there are over 100 bikes, and just about every one gets sold.

With today’s weather, expect more of the same.

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