Dressed in yellow and still invisible

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bright yellow clothing for the commuter cyclist

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Dressed to be seen

“I ride back and forth to work. About half an hour. The yellow is very bright but still they do not see you. I was at an intersection near work and a truck just drove through the red light. I had to stop quickly to avoid him hitting me. Being in yellow does not always help.”

Notes: There is a constant expectation that cyclists have to dress in bright clothing, have a helmet, take precautions. Often because cyclists have to compensate for the failures of the driver. And still it is not enough.

There are too many drivers who simply think cyclists have no priority in the road. They use bike lanes, cross in front of cyclists regardless of whether they are visible or not. Always the expectation is that the cyclist has to avoid them. And we do because we prefer not to have broken bones or bikes.

Bike lanes are used as unloading spaces and double park lanes. And there seems to be little enforcement, save the occasional police officer who asks the driver to move on. No ticket. Nothing more.

And then the close pass drivers who think that they know their cars so well, they can scrape past a cyclist, leaving the bare minimum of safety.

But let’s keep dressing in yellow – and place the onus on the cyclists, not the drivers who offer little care or concern.

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