Soup bike and the unending variety to offer

©Barry Sandlandn/TIMB - Souprise food bike and their daily soups offered from a bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Inspired by food bikes in Asia, now in Brussels

I stumbled across this soup cargo bike when I was at the CYCLO opening for their vintage window. Two vats of soup available to one and all. They actually pressed everyone to come back and taste the second soup – my kind of food. So, I had to find Susanne, Soupreise and their cargo soup bike at their location on  Continue reading

A little hero worship, a little fun on a bike with Eki Ekimov

©TIMB/Barry Sandland - Ekimov at Kring in Brussels, preeparing for the group ride

©TIMB/Barry Sandland – Ekimov and the peloton of the day

This was the event everybody was waiting for when Katyusha came to Brussels to launch their clothing range. A chance to ride with Viatcheslav Ekimov… Eki. This is part of the Kring strategy, to bring some of the names in cycling to Continue reading