Use the transit strike to become a cyclist

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Poster to promote cycling during the London Transit Strike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A strong incentive to ride…

London transit is on strike again today and yet, for hundreds of cyclists, it will make no matter. Of course, there will be a smattering of more cars. And the buses will be full. But there will also be a new wave of cyclists – even if temporary – on the city roads. Hopefully a chance for a few more who will take on the journey more often. Meanwhile, the city is warning of rush hour chaos, saturated buses and excesses on the underground lines that are unaffected by the strike. The trains will be SRO.

And then there will be the cyclists who will leave their homes and then their offices whenever it pleases them. They will make their way at basically the same pace as yesterday and arrive at their destination unphased by the chaos that is so near.
But just as this is a test for the city and its coping mechanism, it its also a prime opportunity for the police to demonstrate their interest in and concern for cyclists. That there be any improved presence on the roads, that lanes be protected, that cyclists be able to ride without having to suffer the road rage of those who cannot find a better way to cope with the delays. I will read the papers with interest in how they present cyclists in this brief period. And hope there is an increase in numbers, courtesy of London Underground.

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