The cold created my single speed

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Rear cassette feeling the impact of constant rain and the freezing temperatures

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Road grime from constant rain, and then the freezing temperatures.

“The cold weather and rain have been havoc on my road bike. Late night rides as a bike messenger and the rear cassette almost freezes and the cassette is slipping traction. I could only get one gear to work consistently. It feels like it has broken, about to break completely. Local mechanics tell me the problem will disappear once the bike warms up again. I guess riding one gear allowed the cassette to function a little better.

“It spends the day in the house, nice and warm, while I sleep, so it starts the shift intact. But long days on the road mean the bike is ‘breaking’ every night. And the forecast is for another week like this. And then all the road grime. Just cleaning the bike is a constant – and I have given up until the weather gets better. It makes you understand why so many messengers ride a fixed gear. And it is so cold, right now, there is truth to the saying, ‘You are only a bike messenger once you have ridden a winter’.”

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