Cycling friendships should include the occasional torture

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclist with his Dolan track bike on the streets in London

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Speed and cycling – just natural

3/3: “I did race. I won a crit race and an alleycat. Vilnius is really hilly – just hill after hill. And I ride a fixie on the hills. Fixed Gear Vilnius. Fixed is what makes it interesting. I was living on top of the hills and everyday I had to go down two kilometres on a ten percent grade. So, going back home, even empty-handed, was challenging. But you never go back empty-handed. There is always beer and food. But in the morning, you are going downhill, 60 kmph and no brakes. It is amazing. I have been doing hills for a few months and decided to do a steep hill in the city centre, and the three months climbing helped. And I saw I was leaving my friends behind and I still had gas. And I was away. It was fun to torture my friends. I am still lighter, with my bike, than what some of my friends weigh.”

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