Bodies heal, vans dent

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - London commuter with his Orbea carbon fibre bike

©Barry Sandland/TYIMB – Every cycling commuter has had their turn with drivers who cannot see cyclists.

“I wear the helmet and the camera now because I had an accident last week. I saw the guy in this white van on my side but I just did not imagine he would turn. At the very last second he did and went right across the face of me. I jumped on the front brake and flipped the bike, actually. My body slammed into his van and I did not do any damage to the bike at all. Bodies heal. I have been riding all my life and that is how it is going to stay.”

Notes: I dread London drivers more than any other city where I ride. The city has come a long way with infrastructure, but the mentality is still far behind. I ride into every intersection absolutely certain a car will slice my lane, come alongside and simply drive across my path. My eyeballs are scanning constantly. And it is the famed white panel van that is the most feared. There are other cars I will definitely see as having uncaring drivers. It is not an absolute, but there is truth in the stereotype. Again and again, these are the cars (the drivers) who have threatened me most often. And then, the camera as protection – it is becoming a staple within the UK cycling commuter population. And provides clear proof of just what is happening on the roads.

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