Overcoming my refusal of a cycling helmet

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cycling helmet decorated w various stickers and decals

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Three reasons why I do not use a helmet. Not the best reasons, I assure you.

“I did some work on the helmet.”

Notes: I am not a helmet person. Part is biological. I mean, my head is huge and just finding a helmet that fits is a struggle. Really. I have tried many, many helmets. Part isn politic. I do not think helmets are obligatory for casual cyclists. I think we should be able to ride the roads and not be in danger.

And then, aesthetic. When I have found helmets that fit, they have been ugly. I am hoping this has been resolved with the helmet I found online. I get not this Xmas. And I will be following suit with this rider and customising the helmet to reflect me.

Oh, the politic… I ride more than most, ride a little fast, and would simply be better off w a helmet. Even I can see that. So, I am hoping to make the mental change and see a helmet as something I wear regularly.

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