Add your story to This Is My Bike

Call for photos submissions to This Is My Bike

A friend has asked if there is a way to make This Is My Bike more participatory and made a suggestion I am following. I am making a call for photos from cyclists who want to add their stories to the site. Then, depending on the number of submissions, I will post for a week to a month from the collection. And I will find a suitable tag. Go and have a look at the style of images we post and, with that general guideline, the invitation is open. The photo cannot have been published elsewhere, already.
Originals only, please, and taken specifically for this project (not your film library, unless that is pertinent to the story) . 
Send us a few photos with you and your bike and a story to accompany it. If you were to tell one story about riding your bike, what would it be? Why do you ride? What are your ambitions for the coming year? What do your friends and family think about you and your bike? What is your history with cycling? What is your cycling politic? What is it you remember about cycling?
And get out there for the image. Take a ride. Please send three or more photos, so there is a choice in the edit. And the name of the photographer, so I can give credit. Your personal info, city, country, contact e-mail. Submitting then page constitutes permission to use the image. I cannot guarantee all the images will be used, but I like the idea of expanding the scope of images for a week or so.
E-mail them to

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