Bric-a-brac and garden sales for the latest velo

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclists with his new bike built from collected parts

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – No matter how it is put together, that first outing on a new bike is special.

“I just put this bike together. This is the very first outing. I found the bike frame in someone’s basement. It is definitely old. Then the pedals from a flea market, the chain is new, and then pieces from everywhere. I have been collecting the pieces for the past two months and now I have a bike.”

Notes: Bric-a-brac bikes are the best. If you keep looking, the parts can be found online and in markets and second hand sales for a fraction of the price. I have this at home. There are about six bare frames, three sets of wheels, a few seats, seat posts and the like cluttering the work table. One by one, and incredibly slowly, the bikes are being assembled. The idea is to create a handful of unique bikes that I want to ride. I need a fixed gear and a second road bike w a compact system. And maybe a second road bike with a more cyclocross design. From that point on, I might have to question N+1, but I will find the rationale.  Oh, if the rider looks familiar, he was photographed a few months ago in his finery and we keep seeing each other slipping through the city. A new bike is just a  nice excuse to get another photo.

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