Table talk about the best of cycling

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cycl;is talking about her best experiences in cycling

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Telling tales about the best sport…

I asked her to tell me her favourite dinner table story about cycling: “I won’t tell the time about the time I knocked a girl off the road during a race. But riding in Belgium. Just riding. On stone paths, on the Tour of Flanders course. I’ve done it three times. The second time was 2009 and that was the hardest. They added two different climbs.

“You cannot imitate hills with cobblestones. My tire pressure was 95 to 100 and ‘BAM‘ my liver was up in my handlebars. I pulled over and let out a whole bunch of air. It was squidgy on the paved areas, but so much better on the bowling balls – that is what I call cobblestones.”

Notes: It is actually one of my favourite questions. Not just for cyclists. If you are at a dinner table, what is the one story you like to tell? Works with anyone, if they are open. People can tell you fantastic stories. We all have those memories. The bigger wonder is what will be the memory that moment?

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