That cursed frame is just a great buy

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Rider with a U.Scanini frame purchased at the Stalen Ros vintage market

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Look for the best deals – they are always there.

Stalen Ros: And then there are the deals. Vintage material in a vintage market, to a dedicated audience, can get the highest dollar… maybe. We were doing the rounds, lap after lap staring at what we would love to try, want to buy. And then, under the table, a frame with a 9.99 price tag attached.

I thought it had to be a spelling error, or look at the paper the other way round. None made sense. So we asked. And the frame was on sale for less than 10 euros – fork included. Apparently the guy selling had stacked the frames onto his car and, when he loaded this one on last, he scraped the garage roof and left a long mark. The frame was immediately a curse and had to be sold. So, he walked out the door with a frame for the cost of two cappuccinos (in Paris). He had already found another frame, sanded to the bare frame, for 15 Euros.

There are great deals to be had. Sales that just make you smile as you walk away. Vintage remains strong in Europe. These sales are bringing past generations back to the road as cyclists, commuters look to these frames as their daily rides. And those riders who are converting the past road frames into fixie rides. It is part of the joy of being in Europe. There is such a wealth of vintage bikes and components in the garages and basements across Europe, these sales can always offer another breath of life to cycling. 

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