History at Stalen Ros and the ultimate record bike of the era

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Tandem record bike on display at the Stalen Ros vintage event.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Limitations in gearing is as simple as the proximity of pavement.

At Stalen Ros: Check out the chain ring! This is a world speed record tandem bike gearing. So large, it has barely clearance from the ground – I mean, look how close it is to the same level as the wheel at ground level!

The riders had hoped for 175km/h, but had to settle for a mere 145. Per hour.  It was motor-paced, drafting off a car. Standard stuff for a speed record. All part of the Stalen Ross vintage bicycle market where part of the experience is seeing some of the history.

I did not even know they did speed records ion tandems. But then, why not? Speed records are a lost fanaticism in cycling, but the hour record came back to popular attention. Maybe the speed record will find a new niche. Meanwhile, just to set a perspective about motor-paced speed attempts. John Howard set the speed record in 1985 at 244 km/h. The current record is Fred Rompelberg, from the Netherlands, with 268.831 km/h, set in 1995. The fastest woman is Denise Mueller with 237 km/h. I could not find the tandem record.

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