Stalen Ros takes you through the generations

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Corked water bottles in their handlebar mounts at the Stalen Ros vintage show.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Decades of cycling that, for some, will bring floods of memories.

Stalen Ros is having their vintage bicycle fare today at Citadel Park in Ghent and I am going. The train leaves soon. It is all inside the Kuipke track, a chance to see it up close and in all its passive terror. This is a chance to see a wide swathe of cycling history, from the classic frames to the aged and ancient components.

I was not around for corked water bottles, mounted to your handlebars. I did have handlebar water bottles for a month. That was a disaster. I was at the event last year and lusted after the pieces that reminded me of my history – which is a lot of the show.

I am not such a fanatic that I have to have a pure vintage ride with authentic parts. but I do love stumbling across riders and chatting about their history. Stalen Ros is at the Kuipke track – a wooden beast with near vertical walls. That is a track I have to ride, one day.

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