Cycling cafés versus cyclists’ cafés

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - The public tools and workspace at Brixton Cycles

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Tools and coffee – essentials to a cyclists café.

There are cycling cafés and there are cyclists cafés. I have a thing for Brixton Cycles and their relationship with “Look Mum, No Hands”. Apart from being a proper cycling café, they have work spaces both for their mechanics and for the general public. If you are in need of an allen key or pump, they have it there, front of house, for any and every cyclist to use. Just put it back in the proper spot, once done. I am pining for the UK. I need to head over and have carrot cake with thick icing and a coffee. And I have been busy on eBay, collecting spare frames, some wheel sets and more. Enough to get a handful more bikes on the road – or close to it.

But cyclists cafés are easy to identify. They have a pump outside for immediate use. A collection of tools for free use. You should be able to rent a lock, if you forgot your own. Proper installations to attach the bike – not just are poles and fences. And, of course, fast access to puncture kits and inner tubes. An on-site mechanic is a nice addition, but not necessary for me. And then we can get to the visuals of bikes on the wall, cycling caps for sale and a few cycling magazines. But now we start talking about cycling themed cafés. Slightly different, in my world.

One thought on “Cycling cafés versus cyclists’ cafés

  1. Interesting how orange has been turned into a trade mark for Holland. For those that do not know: The Dutch Royal family is the House of Orange (a title inherited > 400 years ago from French nobility). As the owner of the umbrella I can tell you that this is a TNT Express umbrella in company colors……..


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