Is your electric bike making you lazy?

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Butcher and bicycles cargo bike outside the supermarket in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – One more cargo bike that proves a car is less than necessary.

“I used the bike this morning to take my kid to creche and could have gone home to get the standard bike before going shopping, but the electric bike has made me a little lazy. It has a coffee cup holder in the front and you can even hook up your iPhone to the handlebars.
“You can carry so much in this. It has really replaced the car in the city. We do not have a car and have no need. If we go out, one child is in the front, the other on a  seat in the back. And we can carry so much in the front. We can go to IKEA and carry everything back with the bike.”
Notes: We were joking about the ride. He had pulled up in front of a supermarket and I  was riding around, wondering if I could get a shot with his fully laden carriage. He came out minutes later w a small packet of coffee… I mean, it was a very big cargo section.  It was all a laugh, teasing him about the sized of his groceries. Which led to teasing about the excess use of the electric bike, over a more traditional ride.  Teasing cyclists has to be one of the secret pleasures of doing this blog.

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