Adapting to the new sensation of cargo bikes

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Butchers and bicycles cargo bike in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The three-wheeled cargo bike with rack and pinion steering.

“It has separate suspension, so the bike leans into the corners. But there is a limit and then you have to force the bike to make it turn. You have to get used to that. It is a little like sailing in a strong wind. But it is really stable. Even if you are in a sharp corner, the bike stays upright. My wife fell off it, once, but the bike stayed upright.”

Notes: I have never seen the Butchers and Bikes cargo ride before, but it is stunning. It sweeps around a corner like a race car, the cargo bay leaning into the bend. Definitely a head-turner. It fell onto my radar a week ago, and I have been looking about to see it again.

Another cargo bike to fill the developing environment of cyclists looking for a workable alternative to cars.

There are more and more in Brussels, now. They used to be limited to the messenger world, but have become increasingly present in the ‘other’ world. People. Families. Children being ported to school.

Just nice to see it with a rack and pinion steering design up front.

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