Tea, glorious tea, cargo bikes and deliveries

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - PedalBXL courier delivering tea on his Bullitt cargo bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – No panic, this is tea…

One of the PedalBXL riders on a delivery to my tea shop. I ride for PedalBXL, so there is the full disclosure aspect. But we came across each other as he was descending into the city and I lurked long enough to get a photo. This is also my tea shop.

I was so pleased when I discovered they used a bicycle courier service for their deliveries. Just another reason to drink his tea, I say.

The deliveries are proof of the potential in cargo bikes. This trip was with two large cardboard boxes, filled with tea. I have been there as riders appear with three full boxes – well over 60 kgs of loose least tea in transit.

And then there is my personal collection. I have about ten different teas in my kitchen, and a wonderful teapot that has become tannin-stained throughout the interior. But I have the basics – Assam, English Breakfast and Lapsang Souchong that are the fundamentals of daily life throughout the week. And then I try and buy something new every month and see if something else lands on my essential list. Mostly, this is with non-caffeine teas, so I have something to drink at night.

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