Not just another café for cyclists in Brussels

©BarrySandland/TIMB - KRING Cycling café location

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Opening tonight with a Belgian focus on cycling and its obsession with the sport. And the tube dispenser is a nice touch.

OPENING TONIGHT, 18:00 – 22:00, KRING CYCLING CAFÉ, BRUSSELS –  “We think this is the first cyclists’ cafe in Brussels, if you talk about a location where you can have a coffee and food adapted for cyclists and a place that sells bikes and clothing and has a workshop. The workshops are run with the cooperation of Cyclo, and we also can do the bigger repairs, like with carbon fibre bikes. We have clothing from some major brands and a lot of Belgian bike brands here. Ridley, Ahooga, Velofabrik. And the wheels, SWS, is from a location near Ghent.

“And we are planning regular monthly events.a little convivial. And we are organising rides. That is in the plans, but we want to form a club with something for all levels. Every Sunday we are open and, once a month, we want to bring a well-known cyclists in for a ride so people have a chance to ride alongside names like Jaeger, who might be the first rider. And we are discussing rides with Philippe Gilbert, Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault.”

Notes: I often make a joke about the current trend for cycling cafés by pointing out that, in Belgium, we call cycling cafés, cafés. On any day, any week, the clientele for cafés all over Belgium appear on their bikes and settle in for a beer or coffee hands a long chat. Same in Holland, Sweden, Denmark…

But there is still room for cafés that are specific in their allegiance and intent. Some place where cyclists can receive, and expect, more. Like basic tools, access to a pump, spare inner tubes, some basics. This hands-on potential should be the standard for any café that wants to appeal for a cycling clientele.

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