One new cargo bike brings one new lifestyle

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Father with his Bullitt bike alongside the Seine in Paris.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The ultimate suburban transport. Cars be damned.

“I’ve had this a year and a half and I ride it every day. I was a motorbiker, but when my daughter was born, I could not do that any more. And I cannot do a car. I don’t like cars. So I was looking for something like this. I tried a year with a bike with a seat behind me for her, and she was close but I could not see her. And she was sick all the time with the wind.  I was looking for something where she would be protected from the wind and the rain, and so I waited a year and saved money, then I bought this and it changed my life.
“It has changed my mobility and my training. I use it every day and I have lost 20kgs because I live in the suburbs, about 20km from here, and all through the summer I came with my daughter every day into Paris. And I can use it in the winter in the snow and rain. Not too much snow here, but it gets cold. But when it freezes, it is beautiful. The bike is empty now because she is at school, but I am just about to go and get her.”

Notes: I have an affection for this imagery. My father used to gather the kids from school with his bike. Four kids. One on the handlebars, another on the seat, the third and fourth on the pedals. He would then push us home. Always fun to get picked up at school.

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