Critical Mass marks my unofficial end of Mobility Week

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Critical Mass sticker advertising the upcoming rides

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A celebratory ride, every last Friday on the month, reaffirms the presence of cyclists on the road.

Critical Mass rides tonight. Check online for a ride closest to you. This, for me, is the end of Mobility Week, even if it comes a few days after the formal setting. I spent a week being pushed and shoved by cars. Got tired of it. Over the past year, bike lanes have been blocked by concrete pylons, cars have raced behind me, flashing lights to press me off the route. Had car after car park on bike lanes, obliging me to ride into traffic that was less than forgiving about me being ‘outside my lane’. Even had a driver place his car in front of me then tell me he was “more important” than cyclists.

So I am liking Critical Mass and their overwhelming presence more and more, occupying streets and reaffirming the right of cyclists to exist in a safe environment through a celebratory event and structure. Critical Mass began in 1992 and is present in over 300 cities worldwide. All on the same last Friday of every month.

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