Europe’s Mobility Week offers another chance to embrace the inevitable change

Europe Mobility Week poster

One of my favourite periods, a session that celebrates the end of the summer, is European Mobility Week. This year, from September 16-22. Here in Brussels, it will be MADBike, a bakfiets parade, the vastly popular Day Without Cars as well as smaller events that will dot the seven days and make it all the more fun.

As a sidebar, my small cycling group, Refuge des Cyclistes, host their annual celebration that breaks away from the masses and heads into the wilderness (comical term for Belgium where wilderness cannot be found) of local canal pathways and villages in the early morning, only to return to the pellmell of a Sunday with tens of thousands of cyclists riding every corner of pavement in the capital.

But it begins today and I am heading out into the wilds, the MadBike opening, roller/ride parade this evening, and then more and more…

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike polo riders chasing the ball during a friendly game

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – You ain’t seen nothing yet. Bike Polo, a two day competition, at Place Luis Morichar in St Gilles, Brussels, during Mobililty Week. Well worth dropping by for the bike handling alone.

If you want to see something different, then head to the Bike Polo events on September 17-18 in Brussels. They are hosting a small European competition at Place Luis Morichar in St Gilles. More information on their Facebook page — link at bottom of the page.

The largest event here in Brussels is the Day Without Cars. This week on September 18. In Paris, for the second consecutive year, is on September 25. But there are 31 cities participating in Mobility Week and there is more information for your party of Europe in the link below.

And there is always simply riding the bike to work, getting in the essential miles that could be the foundation for anyone who wants to make this week long awareness event something of their personal lifestyle. After all, no small part of the Europe Mobility Week is to persuade people to make the change – because it is coming.


Europe Mobility Week website

Mobility Week, Brussels, website

Bike Polo in Brussels, September 17-18 Facebook page

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