Creating a ten-speed fixie at a funeral

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man with broken road bike that he has recreated as a single speed.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Look close, this road bike has made some fundamental changes to performance.

“I was at the funeral for Toots Thielemans, in La Hulpe, and riding home. The roads out there are very rough and I adjusted my rear derailleur and CRACK, BAM, it went into the wheel. It was such a loud noise. And it snapped the derailleur off the frame. I always travel with tools and I used the chain breaker to shorten the length so I have this now. It is fine when you are on the flats, but Brussels has lots of hills and I have to ride back and forth to get up the hill near my house. But I prefer this to walking. Or taking the bus. Or taking trams. I hate taking trams.”

Notes: Here in Belgium, the passing of Toots Thielemans means the loss of one the country’s most renowned musicians. You can read more  on Belgium Bids Jazz Genius Toots Thielemans Farewell In Music Laden Funeral

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