Sports photography with intervals as the base

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Sträva photographer Anton Miettinen, w PewdalBXL messengers

Barry Sandland/TIMB – Capturing the sense of a bike ride means riding. Photographer Anton Miettinen, right.

1/2: “I do a lot of the sports photography for Strava. The cycling application – but they are getting bigger in running as well. You have to be able to ride your bike to do this. This year I have not done so many, but last year I was doing quite a lot of rides. There was one in Germany during the Berlin Cycling Fair. They did a ride, contacted a local shop and organised a ride with those  guys and we would have a rider from Strava wth us – and that was about 140 kms.  We would ride with them and I would photograph them as we ride. I just ride alongside and shoot them. I like to do it in a way so that I do not have to ask people to stop.  So they can enjoy their ride, as if they were doing it normally.  So maybe I would sprint ahead and  grab a  photo, catch them, and try and and do it this way. My entire ride is intervals, basically. I try and do the same on mountain passes. I try. I live in Spain and I ride with men who weigh 52 kgs and I weigh 20 kgs more, so…”

You can see more of Antton Miettinen’s work at his Instagram account:

Read part o2 of this interview here..



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