Banning grenades and bicycles at summer events

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Sign indicating bicycles are banned from entry to a summer event

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Another summertime event where bicycles are unwanted.

One of the more depressing views of summertime is the too frequent banishment of bicycles from summertime events. Here in Brussels, yet another event where security has reached out and made bicycles part of the suspect items. No backpacks, knives, grenades or bicycles. And, beside, bicycles are there with flammable fuels and explosive devices.

So, alternative transport is pressed to the outskirts and cycling becomes an unwanted aspect of an event. What bothered me is, with  this event, bicycles are banned from the entire park. Left to bed secured to any spare railing available – and potentialy victim to theft.

Its happens again and again. Instead, public spaces should be protecting cyclists and their presence at events, rather than allow private security forms to create their own criteria for exclusion. Unfortunately, security is becoming, increasingly, a matter of private business – and they are creating their own restrictions on the general public.

It is so irritating.

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