Documentary filmmaker focus on Bullitt bikes

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Documentary filmmaker w his Bullitt bike, preparing for the day shoot w Bullitt bikes

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Buried deep into the Bullitt community

“I am from Chicago, but I borrowed a Bullitt while I was here. I am making a film about Bullitt bikes and I am going back and forth between Europe and the States, so there is going to be this New York element in it. It is all about Bullitt bikes and the entire range of people who have Bullitt bikes and their stories. I am hopping to show it at the Bicycle Film Festival next year in June. I hope the film will be done by then, but I am just going to keep filming. I have a Bullitt bike back home – one of the very first that came out and it is just great.
Notes: Bullitt bikes are a phenomena in cycling. A new way to transport that has moved cycling along from the boxed three-wheelers that used to  dominate the sphere. Now there are a range of two-wheeled versions that are fast, sleek and incredibly sexy.
The Bullitt community has always been the mainstay of the bike’s promotion. Now a film is being prepared that will bring some insight to the depth of the community.
I have run across a dozen Bullitt owners since starting this blog site. From the obvious cargo owners who have created moving coffee stops, the hard-core couriers transporting massive objects. And then the rider who bought the Bullitt just so he could take his ageing dog with him on rides. I have fond memories of sitting near the Louvre, Paris, and a Bullitt in full flight, racing across the dry, gravel space, a plume of dust racing behind him.

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