Indonesia and the 100% local bike messenger

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Indonesian rider at the Paris velodrome with his Indonesian fixed wheel bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Natrional rider, national bike

“It is a bike they make in Indonesia. It is a modern bike but with some older design elements. I like the older parts, like the way the forks are flat on the top. It looks classic. Even the chainset, that is also made in Indonesia. I am very proud of my bike. Good bike.”

Notes: It is harder and harder to find true national bikes. Frames are made in foreign countries, and the components come from such a small circle. “Made in” often means “assembled”. So, here is this nice, tight, courier bike that is a strong contender for a 100% national bike.

Indonesia was a contender for the CMWC in 2018, and were pressing them flesh, encouraging used all with temptations of massive traffic jams and the joys of evasive riding. But Riga, Latvia took the title. Indonesia will have too try again. Hopefully they will find success in the future.
There is a collection of articles on the 2016 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Paris. The search engine will return all if you search for CMWC. 

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