Scars and helmets – life with messengers

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Woman on her bike at the Cycle Messenger World Championships

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Just when you think you found a wheel you could trust.

Ha ha, yeah, take a picture of all the scars. This one’s from the first day of the group ride. It was wet and my boyfriend washed out on a hairpin bend, I had nowhere to go, so I went down with him.”
Notes: It should be noted, bicycle messengers tend to wear helmets. Granted, at this event, helmets were obligatory for the events, especially the velodrome where nobody could ride without protection. But helmets tend to be part of the messenger garb. Traffic and cars and speed all contribute to the logic. Messengers are not casually riding through the city and do tend to take a few extra chances. And then the alleycat, which are peloton rides – and everybody should consider wearing a helmet in a peloton.

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