Fixies en route to the CMWC in Paris

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two bicycle messengers from Australia in Brussels en route to Paris for the Cycle Messenger World Championships

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The final miles to the CMWC in Paris.

“We are from Australia and strapping up to get ready for the international Cycle Messenger World Championships in Paris. We just did Amsterdam to here and we are going to Paris by bus. We had mates we were with originally, but it was a bit tiring for me as I have not done much long distance and we are on fixed gears. We want that for the race on CMMC. We have about 30 kg of stuff and we have fixed, fixed wheels. So you can flip the hub and get more fixed. The international messenger champs is a big achievement for us because we have both been in debt and both struggling and, for myself, starting riding a bike was a saviour. It has been a long time of working hard and counting every penny. It means a lot to have brought myself out from being in the shit and using the bike for it.”

Notes: A start to the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) with a lucky encounter with two riders en route to the event, taking a pause in Brussels. I head to Paris on Wednesday for the event – and, hopefully, a series of portraits. Never been to a world championships before, messenger or otherwise, so this will be fun. It was pure luck that I stumbled across these two cyclists as they were preparing for their last leg. A minute later and they would have been gone. Riding a fixie as a touring bike is simply not easy. And these were fixed gears, not single speed bikes. Far tougher.

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