When determining the minimum number of bikes a person should own

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Dawes rider detailing his range of bikes and the purpose each has in his cycling life

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Having one bike implies there is only one style off cycling.

“I have had this Dawes about 15 years and have gotten more and more  into cycling since I have retired. I am in two cycling clubs, so I really have really gotten into road riding. Not that I am that bitten, but I have a lightweight carbon bike and a winter bike which is much lighter than this. An alloy frame with carbon forks which is a pretty standard setup.

“People in Britain who are really into cycling, like three of four times a week, all year round, have a summer bike with no mudguards, and a winter bike with, because it is a right pain taking mudguards on and off. I also do cyclo-cross as well as mountain biking. So I actually have six bikes and my wife has four. Every one has a purpose.

“My wife and I have shopping bikes, which are brilliant and which are, of course, what everyone uses in Belgium and Holland for shopping while, in Britain, you are still seen as something of an oddball if you go shopping with a bike. But again, it is just amazing how much shopping you can get on a bike. So we ride around Skipton all the time and has a constant fracas with drivers. Most are fine, but there are ten percent, maybe, who just want to run you off the road and do not think you should be on the road at all.”
Notes: If you are going to have multiple bikes, then they should cover a range of purpose. Personally, this is the minimum. Racing bike. City bike. Mountain bike. Fixie. The classic (the bike you had at the beginning of your cycling career). That means, everybody should own at least five bikes. Include a winter trainer and a cargo-oriented city bike and the minimum becomes seven. I mean, that is the minimum. I have not even mentioned the touring bike (pannier equipped) or the elite, carbon fibre racer. And a full-on cargo bike, such as a bakfiets or Bullit. Another essential. So, 10 is the minimum number. And, as Rule 12 of the Velominati details, there is always room for one more.

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