Pokemon Go on a bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two cyclists out playing Pokemon go w their bikes as transport

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A new approach to participative computer gaming w Pokemon Go

“We are out doing Pokemon Go. The game has just been released in America and is not available here yet*, but we found it and have been going from gym to gym and the bikes get us around easily. I asked him to come along and he said yes. It was not that hard to persuade him. So we just ride from place to place and it is a great way to get out in London. The game requires  the player to get out of the house and visit various locations. It all works off your smart phone and the GPS inside it. And you have these characters you can collect and then they fight to gain control of a gym and then you head off and look for the next one.  We are real Pokemon addicts. I even have these tattoos of Pokemons.”

Notes: * I took this photo about a week ago, before Pokemon-go was released in the UK. Before I met this pair, I had never heard of the game. Curious, I rode home and spoke to the 16-year old resident of the house about the game, thinking I was on the cutting edge and had one over him. As life goes, and reality likes to teach me lessons, he was actually sitting there playing the game. His friends had it. And he walked 10 kilometres the day before, in his area, walking from gym to gym, moving up the levels. He then spent ten minutes telling me how it worked, the levels, the battlegrounds, the characters… It was all a level of depth that indicated hew was a long-time player. And that was my next mistake. He had been playing for just more than one day.

One week later and Pokemon-go is a constant social media posting. It is being heralded as the new method of interactive participation in computer gaming.

Frankly, I was thrilled to see a computer game got people to walk 10 kilometres, ride their bikes throughout the region. The more I read about the game, the more I like Pokemon Go.

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