One pretty face and it all comes to an end



©Barry Sandland/TIMB – One day, it will all come to an end.

“I kept wondering what motivated the trip and it really was that I had nothing better to do.  I just wanted  to see the world and I will never be rich enough to do it and I will never be able to retire, so I said, ‘No wife. No kids’. I sold everything, and put it on the bike and go.  And that is what I have been doing.  It wasn’t that I flipped a coin for the route, but I usually look for the cheapest flight  and I could go to Mexico cCity or Iceland. And, well, I have told you about Mexico. I preferred Iceland.

“Once I did that, I did Ireland, then over to the UK. Wales and England and I was going to go to Scotland and got to Dover and said, ‘Scotland was a long way away’,  and I was tired of the UK drivers and the roads were challenging. And then I realised my dad, 56 years ago, came from Germany. I was born in Bitburg Germany, but apart from being born there, I have never been. And when dad got transferred, he came from Bitburg to Luxembourg  to Calais and went across to Dover, and I am backtracking that now. I am heading back to where I was born and seeing where I can connect. It was just something cool to do and I wanted to go back to where I was born and our ancestry is from the same region.  So If I can go back and find any connection to out lineage, that would be cool.

“The money well, I can see the bottom so I am always looking ahead and trying to figure out how to make  a little money on the way. So far I have not come up with a solid solution, so more is going out than is coming in.  I am just kind of letting it happen and see where it ends up. I guess it all ends when I see everything or a pretty girl smiles at me the right way.”

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